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Manal Abdul Muhaymed: Weaving Triumph Beyond Borders – Digital Citizenship Project–Borderless

Manal Abdul Muhaymed

Meet Manal Abdul Muhaymed, a 23-year-old Syrian refugee in Lebanon who turned tough times into a tale of strength and inspiration. Despite facing challenges in education, Manal didn’t give up. She changed her story by getting a degree in Lebanon, even though her Syrian one was rejected after three years of studying in a Lebanese university.
Manal then ventured into interior design, where her creativity found a new home. Her journey took an unexpected turn when she joined the Digital Citizenship program by Borderless supported by the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Fund. Through this digital adventure, she landed an internship in social media, overcoming language barriers and discovering her talent for English. Her ambition grew into a successful blend of interior design and digital marketing, creating a fulfilling livelihood.

From being shy, Manal emerged as a master of platforms like Google Ads, YouTube, email, and LinkedIn. The program not only taught her new skills but also guided her through life’s challenges. Manal’s story is now an anthem of empowerment, proving that challenges can lead to transformation. She encourages others to embrace uncertainty, drawing from her diverse journey – from education to fitness programming, data analysis, to interior design, and digital marketing.
As a pioneer among her peers, Manal dreams of a freelancing future, breaking free from traditional career paths. She actively contributes to the community through voluntary efforts with “Hemmet Shabab” and NGOs, spreading the message of empowerment and the transformative power of chasing dreams beyond borders.

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Shahed El Sheikh Hamzeh Path to Livelihoods: An Ambition to Open a Small Business – Digital Citizenship Project–Borderless

Shahed ElSheikh Hamzeh

Shahed ElSheikh Hamzeh’s journey from Syria to Lebanon was marked by challenges that disrupted her education, including the trauma of war and the difficulty of adjusting to a new language and school system. Despite initially dropping out of school, Shahed’s determination led her to explore alternative education pathways, taking short courses in Entrepreneurship and English. However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought new obstacles, with the shift to online learning exacerbating her lack of access to resources and support.
Amidst these challenges, Shahed discovered the Digital Citizenship program by Borderless, and supported by the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Fund, a three-month initiative aimed at empowering vulnerable youth through market-driven skill-building courses. Recognizing the opportunity to continue her education and pursue her passion for entrepreneurship, Shahed joined the program with her parents’ support. Collaborating with her peers in the Digital Marketing course, Shahed developed a business idea centered around selling healthy cakes, inspired by her diabetic grandmother’s inability to enjoy traditional treats.
Through the program, Shahed honed her entrepreneurial skills, gained confidence in public speaking, and embraced her journey as a work in progress. Despite the initial stages of their business idea, Shahed and her team are eager to refine their concept and pilot it in the future. Her story underscores the transformative impact of high-impact education programs in empowering vulnerable youth like herself, emphasizing the importance of embracing spontaneity, learning from mistakes, and persevering through challenges.

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Empowered Echoes: Shiraz Al Amer’s Symphony of Change – Digital Citizenship Project–Borderless

Shiraz Al Amer

Shiraz, a 28-year-old Syrian refugee, embraced her challenges as steppingstones rather than stumbling blocks. Married at 18 and leaving school early, she dedicated herself to family life, but an unfulfilled potential whispered within her. Driven by the desire for her children to be proud, she courageously embarked on a quest to redefine her narrative.
Discovering Digital Citizenship with Borderless, Shiraz enrolled in a digital marketing course, confronting hesitancy and self-doubt. With Yara as her guiding star, the once-shy student blossomed into a confident force of nature. Yara’s mentorship transcended the classroom, impacting Shiraz’s family, marriage, and community.

Completing the course marked a new chapter. Recognizing her teaching prowess, her children’s school offered her a position as the first-grade teacher. Shiraz, now a symbol of empowerment, radiated pride before her students, family, and community. Her transformation resonated not only in her accomplishments but in the reflections of pride in her children’s eyes.

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