Secondary Education Stream

Hadaya Hamzah: Unleashing Educational Potential Through Flexible Software – QUESTSCOPE

Hadaya Hamzah

Hadaya Hamzah, an NFE facilitator, sheds light on the transformative impact of flexible software in the realm of teaching. Her perspective underscores the pivotal role that adaptable technology plays in crafting effective lessons and connecting with diverse groups, especially those facing geographical limitations.

In Hadaya’s words, “This flexible software allows the facilitator to design teaching in an easy and effective manner without restrictions, constituting the most important characteristics of interaction from all other software.” The software’s versatility becomes evident in its seamless integration with other specialized learning tools within the LMS, enhancing the overall learning experience and making it more appealing to students.Hadaya emphasizes that the software’s user-friendly nature and the inclusion of educational games contribute to its attractiveness to learners. Moreover, the software serves as a bridge, providing opportunities for groups that face challenges in reaching physical learning centers.

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Muhamad Miari – Breaking Barriers Through Inclusive Education – UlYP Change

Muhamad Miari

Muhamad Miari’s journey is a shining example of unwavering commitment to inclusive education. Despite facing the challenges of visual impairment, Muhamad emerged as a beacon of success within the CHANGE program cohort, showcasing the transformative power of inclusive approach. In the face of adversity, Muhamad not only excelled academically but also honed essential social skills, proving that with the right support, every student can thrive.

Muhamad Miari’s story stands as a testament to the belief that inclusive education goes beyond overcoming physical barriers; it is about fostering an environment where all students, regardless of their challenges, can reach their full potential.

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Transformational Journey: Leen’s Path to Academic Excellence and Personal Growth – Madrasati


Leen, a high school senior in the scientific stream at Princess Salma Secondary School for Girls in Amman, had initially set her sights on a different path. Her focus wasn’t on academic excellence but on finding a partner after graduation to secure her future.

However, fate had other plans for Leen, as she discovered the remarkable impact of the school’s remedial centres program on her life and aspirations:

“The remedial centres were like a ray of light in my life, guiding me towards a newfound love for learning. At first, I wasn’t interested in studying or achieving top grades in my Tawjihi exams. My primary goal was to complete my schooling and await a proposal from a suitable life partner. When the school introduced the remedial centers program, I hesitated to participate. Academics weren’t my priority, and studying didn’t particularly appeal to me. Yet, as some of my friends decided to join, I tagged along to spend more time with them. To my surprise, the Arabic remedial lessons proved to be a delightful revelation. The interactive exercises were not only engaging but also made learning enjoyable. Encouraged by my friends, I decided to venture into mathematics, my least favorite subject. Much to my astonishment, I found these classes to be transformative. The teacher’s unique approach differed from our regular classes, and it made all the difference. These classes, which I initially attended without much enthusiasm, significantly improved my performance in mathematics, and my grades in the mock exams came remarkably close to perfection.”

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Ali Delbani: Empowered by Discovery in the Pursuit of Academic Dreams – Discover Education

Ali Delbani

Ali initially faced academic challenges and was denied entry to the Life Science section due to grades. However, his story unfolds as an inspiring tale of determination, effective communication, and the crucial role of educational support in overcoming obstacles.
Ali’s persistence and proactive communication with teachers played a vital role in securing a temporary spot in Life Science, paving the way for outstanding performance thanks to the support provided by the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Fund to Discovery Education platform during the COVID-19 pandemic. As semesters passed, Ali’s success continued, eventually leading him to enroll in a university in Baalbeck to pursue his passion for biology.
Beyond academic help, the platform created a special bond between Ali and his biology teacher, Zahraa Zoughaib. This enduring connection extends beyond graduation, with Ali continuing to seek advice and remaining a dedicated student. His story stands as proof of the lasting impact of educational support on one’s journey, demonstrating that with determination, effective communication, and the right support, dreams can indeed become a reality.

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Omar’s Academic Progress – MMKN


Omar Shaaban’s academic path has been atypical, marked by challenges and resilience. Despite difficulties and repeating grade 7, he entered MMKN’s academic program in Grade 8 funded by the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Fund. Engaging in WhatsApp sessions, Omar found vital support from volunteer youth, a stark contrast to his regular classroom experience. Grateful for the assistance, he expressed amazement at the simplicity of explanations compared to his school environment. This exposure sparked Omar’s interest in volunteering.
In a group session, Omar’s father acknowledged the substantial impact, contributing over 50% to his son’s academic progress. The educational program not only reignited Omar’s motivation to study but also inspired him to consider the importance of giving back through volunteering.

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Mazen and Sham – Two Determined Syrian Refugee Youth, Reimagine a Better World through Education! – Makani UNICEF

Mazen and Sham

For Syrian refugee children residing in Jordan, like children around the world, the pandemic has negatively impacted their lives. Yet, to them, violence and war have left a resounding impact on their lives.
“The COVID-19 pandemic transformed this world into a turmoil,” said Mazen, 14, who fled Syria with his family and currently resides in Za’atari refugee camp. “But the impact of the war in Syria was far worse, eroding our lives and separating us from our loved ones and our beloved country. We are safe here,” continued Mazen, pointing to a tiny house made of corrugated iron. “But this is not what I dreamt of.”
Sham, 14, is another adolescent refugee residing in Za’atari camp. In 2013, at the age of 6, with her family, she escaped the violence in their Syrian hometown of Dara’a, seeking refuge in Jordan. “When we left Syria, I was in Grade 1,” recalled Sham when speaking about her education before the Makani Program. “I only attended school for few days when my father decided to bring us here.”

At the camp, adolescents like Mazen and Sham are constantly seeking opportunities to improve their lives. Both adolescents are enrolled in the UNICEF-supported Makani centers in Za’atari camp. These centers offer youth educational opportunities, skills building, sports and recreational activities, which support them in reaching their full potential. “I am so happy that they reopened the center,” said Mazen. “At the center, I also strengthen my Arabic, English and math, and learn how to use the computer.”
“During COVID-19, the tablet and the internet bundle helped me to continue my studies online,” said Mazen with a smile. “Otherwise, I would not have been able to manage my studies.”
Sham also attends Arabic, English, and math classes, in addition to computer, arts, and sports. The tablet she received has helped her to continue her online studies and has contributed to her high scores in class. Sham’s dreams and ambitions are endless. “I want to become a child rights lawyer to defend children’s rights and put an end to children’s misery.” She also has a passion for football, “I want to become a famous football player like Ronaldo and join Paris-St. Germain Football Club.” Mazen also has strong beliefs in the power of education.


“Through education, we can change the world,” said Mazen. “We need to transform this world to a better place for future generations to come.”
Thanks to the generous support from the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund, UNICEF will continue to be able to provide educational support for the most vulnerable children in Jordan, to learn and grow, through the Makani Program.

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From Uncertainty to Triumph: Boudour’s Inspiring Journey – YESS Program-LASER


Boudour’s inspiring journey with the YESS program supported by the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Fund reflects a profound transformation from uncertainty to triumph. Struggling with social phobia, depression, and anxiety, she embraced personalized academic support, one-on-one tutoring, and mentorship. The program not only improved her grades but also nurtured confidence and self-worth. The English language support proved instrumental in enhancing her communication skills. Overcoming mental health challenges, Boudour found purpose and community in the LASeR Society, developing leadership skills. Her success story extended to the university level, where a scholarship to the University of South New Hampshire propelled her academic pursuits.

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AlMuthana AlOthman’s: From Adversity to Aspiration – YESS Program-LASER

Al-Muthana Al-Othman

Al-Muthana Al-Othman’s inspiring journey from a Syrian refugee facing educational challenges in Lebanon to a graduate of the YESS program and a DAFI scholarship recipient underscores the transformative power of determination and resilience. Overcoming language barriers and academic hurdles, Al-Muthana credits the invaluable support of the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Fund for making his educational dreams a reality. Now majoring in computer science, he aims to develop an innovative application for remote learning, showcasing the profound impact of education on vulnerable youth when coupled with unwavering commitment and support.

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Hala Chahine: A Journey of Success and Giving Back – YESS Program-LASER

Hala Chahine

Hala Chahine’s inspiring journey from Syria to Lebanon embodies resilience and determination, showcasing the transformative impact of education. Overcoming language challenges and excelling in physics with the support of the YESS program, Hala scored an impressive 44 out of 60. Beyond academics, the program cultivated her communication and leadership skills. Inspired by her experiences, Hala dedicated five days a week to tutoring two children, emphasizing the essence of success in uplifting others. Graduating from the YESS program, she is now pursuing higher education at Southern New Hampshire University with a Spotlight Scholarship, encouraging struggling youth to embrace the transformative power of education.

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Aicha Dandashli – Transformative Impact – YESS Program-LASER

Aicha Dandashli

Aicha Dandashli’s testimony underscores the manifold benefits of educational initiatives like the YESS program by LASeR association and the support of the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Fund. Through academic support, her English language skills improved, leading to increased confidence in communication. Aicha also highlights personal development opportunities, including time management skills acquired in the YESS program and a sense of responsibility fostered through volunteering with LASeR association.

“The academic support was great; we were even ahead of our friends in high school. Thank God, my accent and my English language have improved after the support. Wherever I go, I feel myself confident to speak and communicate with people in English. In the YESS program, I met new people and I’ve learned how to manage my free time. It had a great positive impact on me, especially the Student Council competition; it was a new, funny, and creative experience. I feel like we were building a small parliament. Volunteering in LASeR association increased my sense of responsibility. It was a nice experience where you find yourself a helper and change maker even in the small things”.

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