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The Awad Triplets – Educational Exploration Through MMKN – MMKN

The Awad Triplets

A remarkable siblings known as the Awad triplets: Zaheera, Ahmad, and Amal are living in Lebanon. Their story was not just about family ties, but also about the unquenchable thirst for education that burned within their young hearts.

The triplets (grade 9) were not only famous in their school and home, but also in the MMKN education program which is an extraordinary initiative that brought about educational transformation in their young lives.

Together, they tackled the educational challenges in Lebanon and completed all MMKN academic support and STEM workshops. It was during these moments that Ahmad’s passion for engineering began to shine. He was the architect of dreams in the family. Zaheera and Amal, on the other hand, found themselves on an educational journey filled with uncertainty but, more importantly, endless possibilities. MMKN’s activities opened doors to multiple subjects, allowing them to explore and consider what career paths they wished to tread.

The kids’ mom was amazed at how much her children grew with the help of the MMKN program and the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund. She was impressed by how these programs gave them opportunities to learn about many different things, like science, math and career advice, and how they got support from a strong and supportive community.

As we learned more about their journey, it became clear that education wasn’t just about learning facts. It was like an exciting journey where they discovered new interests, worked together to chase their dreams, and proved that young people can achieve a lot with the right chances, hard work, and help from their community. The Awad triplets showed that they had limitless potential when given the right opportunities and support.

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Tala: Empowering Learning Through Play and Technology in NFE – QUESTSCOPE


Tala’s inspiring journey as a non-formal education (NFE) learner highlights the transformative power of education grounded in activities and play. Her experience not only emphasizes the accessibility of learning materials through technology but also underscores the creation of a secure and interactive space for building friendships. Tala’s story is a testament to the effectiveness of educational technology in cultivating engaging and supportive learning environments.
In Tala’s own words, “The method of education is based on educational activities and play, and for us, it is considered safe and allows us to make friends through the software.” The software’s multifaceted support becomes evident as it facilitates Tala’s communication with facilitators through various means, including conversation and direct video. Additionally, it provides her with a repository of reading materials, enabling her to complete assignments and engage with the educational content seamlessly.
Tala’s positive outlook on education technology highlights its ease of use and its potential for fostering a constructive learning experience. As she progresses through her educational journey, currently in the second cycle and eagerly awaiting graduation, Tala’s story exemplifies how technology can be harnessed to empower learners, making education accessible, engaging, and a steppingstone towards future academic endeavors.

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Makani Interated Package of Services – UNICEF


UNICEF in Jordan is committed to improving education outcomes for children through a range of programs. These efforts include ensuring access to formal education for all children, especially in vulnerable communities, enhancing the overall quality of education, creating safe and inclusive learning environments, and supporting early childhood development. Additionally, UNICEF responds to emergency situations by providing education services.

Target: 4166

Reach: 9709


Program Description

Deliver an integrated package of education, protection, and skill-building services to 1,700 vulnerable children, and youth (12-24 years old), through the Makani program, fostering their holistic development and well-being. In addition to provide 110 vulnerable young people of all nationalities, with three-month on-the-job training opportunities in technical and vocational sectors.

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YouLEAD – War Child Holland

About WCH​

War Child is a non-governmental organization that focuses on promoting the resilience of children and youth affected by conflict and violence. Working in partnership with local organizations, War Child strives to enhance the wellbeing of children and advance their opportunities for growth and development. The organization’s programming applies an integrated approach, where child protection in humanitarian action, education in emergencies, and psychosocial support in emergencies are interconnected to complement and strengthen each other. War Child believes that holistic and integrated programming is fundamental to effectively support, protect, and empower children and young people.


Program Description

This Project aims to provide access to quality education in remedial programs and language support for 4,500 of children, adolescents, and youth both Refugees and Lebanese (14 – 17 years old), the program will also prevent protection risks by enhancing the protection environment and strengthening the referral mechanism through engagement of adolescents, youth, caregivers, and the wider community members. The program will also support access to community-based psychosocial support (CBPSS) interventions for adolescents, youth, and caregivers.

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Enterprise Business Challenge Program – INJAZ

About INJAZ​

INJAZ’s portfolio of programs addresses the wide range of needs of young Jordanians and complements the education and training provided by traditional educational institutions with programs that develop vital soft and hard skills (Life Skills, Financial Education, Entrepreneurship and Business Skills, Digital Skills, and Social Leadership) necessary to become competent entrepreneurs and/or employees in the private sector. To date, Injaz has benefited almost 4,000,000 youth since its establishment. Last year, INJAZ implemented programs in all 12 governorates of Jordan working alongside and within all schools from the 7th grade to the 12th grade, 46 universities and colleges, and a range of social institutions, including vocational training centers, centers for youth with disabilities, youth centres and community centres.

Target : 10000


Program Description

The program focuses on building the Entrepreneurship capacities of the refugee and Jordanian students between the ages of 14 – 16 years old at the public and UNRAWA schools in Jordan to develop their business skills and mindsets, to prepare them for higher education and the workforce. The program will be an online/offline learning simulation games that will be implemented in Jordan. The overall impact will reach 10,000 students and it aims to create awareness on the definition and importance of Entrepreneurship and its benefits to students’ career growth.

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Engagement of Vulnerable Refugee Children and Youth in Jordan – UNICEF Jordan


“Saddam, a 13-year-old Syrian refugee fled to Jordan with his family at the beginning of the conflict, the situation forced Saddam to drop-out of school to work and support his family. He works alongside his father in a metal workshop. Saddam continued to carry the dream of having an education, “I now go to this UNICEF Makani centre, even though my home is far, the bus brings me here, so that I can learn.” Every day, Saddam and some of the children in his neighbourhood board a UNICEF bus and make the journey to the nearest Makani centre to access learning support, child protection, life skills and other services. “My goal is to succeed and evolve,” he says, recognizing the limitation of being out-of-school. “In the centre, I learn Arabic, English and Math, and activities in the life skills sessions.” Saddam explains that his day begins at 6:00 AM and ends at around 1:00 PM, after which he attends lessons at the Makani centre.​”

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Refugee Education Initiative – Unite Lebanon Youth Project, Lebanon

Unite Lebanon Youth Project, Lebanon

“Maryam Dabdoub discovered her passion for teaching through one of her previous professors during her undergraduate degree, where she was studying on a scholarship at AUB. After graduation, she faced unemployment for a couple of years. She then applied to ULYP and was one of 67 students who was awarded a higher diploma. Through her education, she was able to realize her own dreams and hopes to inspire the next generation.

“What I’ve learned through the scholarship is to never underestimate or label anyone. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund who gave me the opportunity to pursue my passion and earn a higher teaching diploma at AUB. I would like to one day be able to help other students like me, achieve their ambitions through education and to not only have the key to their future, but to own the key. When I reflect on my younger years, I did not know if I had the financial ability to pursue higher education. Today, I graduated with a higher teaching diploma and already received 3 job offers. I am determined to help refugees in my community reach their potentials”

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Education Support Program – Emirates Red Crescent UAE

Emirates Red Crescent United Arab Emirates

“My children used to see the school bus picking up students in our neighbourhood every morning and they used to feel sad”, said Mrs Heba Al Sthtiwi, a mother of 3. “The support of enrolling our children in school has been vital for us and we are extremely grateful for this opportunity that provides our children with education; the most precious gift of all. My eldest son wants to be a cardiologist, my daughter was upset at previously missing 1 year of schooling, she now is so happy back at school, she loves Arabic and has made new friends, going back to school changed her whole morale and outlook on life.“

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Leen Jaradi – ULYP – AUB Student

Leen Jaradi

ULYP – AUB Student​

“I believe education is one of the main building blocks of any community to move forward. Our community was shaken by war, instability, and tension. We need education to be able to move forward. It is not just about graduating with a degree; it shapes our personality and shapes who we are. Refugees need this door opener, they need to get out of the mentality that they cannot achieve, that they cannot reach their goals, just because they are labelled as refugees”. I look up to HE Abdul Aziz Al Ghuriar, he provided a golden opportunity to so many smart young refugees. He taught me the power of giving back. I would like to one day be able to pass it forward, to provide disadvantaged people with the gift of education.

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Non-Formal Education Expansion and Enrichment – Questscope

About Questscope

Questscope is an international non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1988 with the goal of putting the last, first. The mission of Questscope is to partner with vulnerable women, youth, and marginalized communities to foster social development and create pathways for change, growth and development.

To do this, QS focuses on three areas: Trauma Recovery, Empowerment, and Economic Inclusion.

Target: 4431

Reach: 5226

Non-Formal Education Expansion and Enrichment - Questscope

Program Description

Non-Formal Education (NFE) Expansion is a one-year project to introduce online learning management system to increase outreach and to allow more learners access to the NFE program in Jordan. This project targets more than 6,000 of the out of school (OOS) learners, grades 1-10, whereby these OOS learners from refugees and vulnerable communities in Jordan will have the knowledge, skills, and certification needed to enroll in higher education or vocational training.

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