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Nour Al-Din Al-Kurdi: A Transformative Odyssey Through the Lens of Video Editing – NISCVT

Nour Al-Din Al-Kurdi

Nour Al-Din Al-Kurdi’s journey, marked by transformation through video editing, unfolds as a testament to the profound impact of skill development. A young Palestinian with a background in history, Nour Al-Din faced the challenges of displacement from Syria in 2015 due to the war. However, he turned adversity into opportunity by enrolling in a video editing course and delving into amateur photography.

Completing the course and securing an internship, Nour Al-Din not only enhanced his personal skills but also discovered a passion for empowering others. Today, he shares his expertise by offering training to university students eager to improve their visual production skills, all from the comfort of their homes. Nour Al-Din’s commitment to empowering others serves as a beacon of resilience and self-discovery, transforming personal challenges into opportunities for both skill development and financial success

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Syrian-led textile manufacturer expands in Jordan by employing refugees and women – Spark-IsDB

When the Syrian crisis erupted in 2011, Issam resided in Darayya, a suburb of Damascus in Syria. In response to the escalating situation, he and his family were obliged to seek refuge in Jordan. “Becoming a refugee in a new community was an unimaginable experience,” said Issam. Fortunately, they were familiar with the language and culture of the region, which eased their transition into the new environment.
A few months after arriving in Amman, Issam knew that he needed to provide for his wife and children as well as keep himself busy, so he returned to his profession as a tailor. “Rather than sit without a job and dwell on my lost home, I found it useful to roll my sleeves up and get to work in the profession I knew best,” he says.
Issam scraped together all of his savings and borrowed money from friends and relatives. Put together, he had enough funds to open his own small sewing factory in Downtown Amman called Al-Hour Al-Eeen Factory. Starting with just three sewing machines, Issam’s vision was to not only establish a business but also to contribute to the broader community by employing three Syrian refugees.

Within a short span of time, Issam had attracted numerous customers and forged valuable connections with traders, due to the remarkable quality and pricing of his products. In 2016, as demand surged, he made a pivotal choice to expand his factory operations. The workforce grew from three employees to a team of twelve, and his goals extended to include women’s employability and empowerment, by offering flexible working hours for Syrian refugee women.
With technical support from SPARK, through its partner International Group for Training (IGIT), under the Skills Training Education Programme (STEP), financed by The Islamic Development Bank and the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation, Issam underwent a comprehensive training in various fields. He participated in courses covering accounting, strategic planning, social media marketing, and financing.
Equipped with this newfound knowledge, Issam expanded his business significantly. Currently, he employs over 25 workers to manage the machines, with an additional five employees working in administration and six staff members in the showrooms. After a decade of dedication to his company, the total number of employees has now reached 35.


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Sadeq’s Inspiring Journey from Vocational Education to Career Success – ASAC


Sadeq’s success story highlights the Fund’s program impact, emphasizing the value of combining technical and soft skills in today’s job market. As a graduate of Luminus’s Automotive Technology program in 2021, Sadeq now works at the Korea Electric Power Corporation in Jordan. He underscores how vocational education not only imparts automotive skills but also equips learners with market-relevant expertise and English proficiency. His blend of technical and soft skills played a crucial role in securing him the position of Assistant Manager. Sadeq highlights the practicality of career readiness and time management courses, essential for his job’s punctuality demands.
In his role, Sadeq inspects various electric and hybrid vehicles, providing detailed reports for mechanics. His journey is a testament to continuous learning, resulting in personal milestones and improving his family’s livelihood. Sadeq’s father, initially skeptical about vocational education, now values its impact on his son’s life and family well-being. Sadeq’s story exemplifies the importance of supporting programs that empower youth with diverse skill sets for success in today’s competitive job market.

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Niveen’s Story: A Single Mother’s Journey to Empowerment-ASAC


Niveen, a resilient 26-year-old single mother raising her 4-year-old daughter, found herself at a crossroads. Having married young and unable to finish her high school education, she faced the daunting challenge of providing for herself and her child after deciding to divorce her husband due to their difficult circumstances.
Despite opposition from her family, who questioned how she would support her daughter alone, Niveen remained determined. She bravely pursued her decision to divorce and set out to find opportunities to better her situation.
One day, while scrolling through her Facebook feed, Niveen stumbled upon a post from Luminus advertising scholarships funded by the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund. The opportunity ignited a spark within her as she had always harbored a passion for fashion design. Without hesitation, she applied and was accepted into a training program in fashion design.

As she delved into her studies, Niveen felt her life transforming. She saw new possibilities opening up before her. “Now, I can create my daughter’s own clothing designs and sew them,” she exclaimed with pride. Not only did she gain newfound skills, but she also shattered stereotypes within her family. “My parents are so proud of me, and I’ve changed their whole perspective on single mothers and their capabilities,” she reflected.
Emboldened by her success, Niveen secured a position with a clothing factory, where she now works tirelessly to support her daughter’s education.

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From Civil Engineering to Coding: Ahmad’s Journey of Ambition – ASAC

Ahmad Al Mohammad

Ahmad Al Mohammad, a determined Syrian youth, found himself amidst the tumultuous backdrop of the Syrian war in 2012. Forced to flee to Jordan, he embarked on a journey of reinvention and ambition.
Despite his background in civil engineering, Ahmad harbored a deep-seated desire to delve into the realm of programming. Seizing the chance provided by the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair School of Advanced Computing (ASAC) at Luminus, funded by the Al Ghurair Fund, Ahmad enrolled in a Python Development course.
With each passing day at ASAC, Ahmad’s skills flourished, and he soon found himself in the role of a teacher assistant, imparting his knowledge to fellow students. Reflecting on his journey, Ahmad expressed profound gratitude for the “golden opportunity” afforded to him.

“Through this opportunity,” Ahmad remarked, “I not only honed my technical skills but also imbibed the growth mindset fostered at ASAC. Learning how to continuously improve and adapt has made me more competitive in the job market.”
Ahmad’s story serves as a testament to the transformative power of education and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

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Wael Kaddoura: A Transformation from Civil Engineering to Top Software Engineer – Alfanar

Wael Kaddoura

Wael Kaddoura’s remarkable journey unfolds as a testament to determination and continuous self-development. At the age of 23, equipped with a civil engineering background, Wael encountered challenges securing a job in his chosen field. Undeterred, he decided to pivot, driven by a profound interest in coding, leading him to enroll in a transformative bootcamp with SE Factory funded by the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Fund.
Fueled by a desire for professional growth and a meaningful impact on the tech world, Wael’s commitment and hard work stood out as he excelled in the bootcamp, ultimately graduating at the top of his class. This accomplishment paved the way for his entry into the tech industry as a Junior Software Engineer at Wafeq in the UAE.

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Manal Abdul Muhaymed: Weaving Triumph Beyond Borders – Digital Citizenship Project–Borderless

Manal Abdul Muhaymed

Meet Manal Abdul Muhaymed, a 23-year-old Syrian refugee in Lebanon who turned tough times into a tale of strength and inspiration. Despite facing challenges in education, Manal didn’t give up. She changed her story by getting a degree in Lebanon, even though her Syrian one was rejected after three years of studying in a Lebanese university.
Manal then ventured into interior design, where her creativity found a new home. Her journey took an unexpected turn when she joined the Digital Citizenship program by Borderless supported by the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Fund. Through this digital adventure, she landed an internship in social media, overcoming language barriers and discovering her talent for English. Her ambition grew into a successful blend of interior design and digital marketing, creating a fulfilling livelihood.

From being shy, Manal emerged as a master of platforms like Google Ads, YouTube, email, and LinkedIn. The program not only taught her new skills but also guided her through life’s challenges. Manal’s story is now an anthem of empowerment, proving that challenges can lead to transformation. She encourages others to embrace uncertainty, drawing from her diverse journey – from education to fitness programming, data analysis, to interior design, and digital marketing.
As a pioneer among her peers, Manal dreams of a freelancing future, breaking free from traditional career paths. She actively contributes to the community through voluntary efforts with “Hemmet Shabab” and NGOs, spreading the message of empowerment and the transformative power of chasing dreams beyond borders.

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Shahed El Sheikh Hamzeh Path to Livelihoods: An Ambition to Open a Small Business – Digital Citizenship Project–Borderless

Shahed ElSheikh Hamzeh

Shahed ElSheikh Hamzeh’s journey from Syria to Lebanon was marked by challenges that disrupted her education, including the trauma of war and the difficulty of adjusting to a new language and school system. Despite initially dropping out of school, Shahed’s determination led her to explore alternative education pathways, taking short courses in Entrepreneurship and English. However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought new obstacles, with the shift to online learning exacerbating her lack of access to resources and support.
Amidst these challenges, Shahed discovered the Digital Citizenship program by Borderless, and supported by the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Fund, a three-month initiative aimed at empowering vulnerable youth through market-driven skill-building courses. Recognizing the opportunity to continue her education and pursue her passion for entrepreneurship, Shahed joined the program with her parents’ support. Collaborating with her peers in the Digital Marketing course, Shahed developed a business idea centered around selling healthy cakes, inspired by her diabetic grandmother’s inability to enjoy traditional treats.
Through the program, Shahed honed her entrepreneurial skills, gained confidence in public speaking, and embraced her journey as a work in progress. Despite the initial stages of their business idea, Shahed and her team are eager to refine their concept and pilot it in the future. Her story underscores the transformative impact of high-impact education programs in empowering vulnerable youth like herself, emphasizing the importance of embracing spontaneity, learning from mistakes, and persevering through challenges.

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Ytawel 3omrak Initiative- Delivering Pro-bono Medication – DoIT 2


In the picturesque hills of West Bekaa, Lebanon, Racha Kadri embarked on a transformative journey fueled by innovation. Enrolling in a course on digital media and business skills offered by DOT Lebanon and supported by the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund, Racha and her peers were equipped with the tools to thrive in a changing world.
Inspired by their newfound knowledge, Racha and her companions conceived the “Ytawel 3omrak Initiative,” aiming to provide free medication to those in need within their community. Leveraging their skills, they established a digital presence through a website and social media channels, expanding their reach to maximize impact.
Through their visionary initiative, they illuminated a path of hope and healing for those most vulnerable in their community.

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From Refugee to Resilience: The Journey of Yasser – DoIT 2


Yasser, a Syrian refugee who defied harsh circumstances, has begun a new life in Lebanon. Stepping out of his comfort zone, Yasser registered for microwork classes at DOT Lebanon through the DoIT2 project, funded by the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund. Thanks to his courage, determination, and the digital skills acquired during these classes, he embarked on a transformative journey of learning and opportunity. Not only did Yasser learn new skills, but he also secured a new job opportunity in data entry.

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