Leen, a high school senior in the scientific stream at Princess Salma Secondary School for Girls in Amman, had initially set her sights on a different path. Her focus wasn’t on academic excellence but on finding a partner after graduation to secure her future.

However, fate had other plans for Leen, as she discovered the remarkable impact of the school’s remedial centres program on her life and aspirations:

“The remedial centres were like a ray of light in my life, guiding me towards a newfound love for learning. At first, I wasn’t interested in studying or achieving top grades in my Tawjihi exams. My primary goal was to complete my schooling and await a proposal from a suitable life partner. When the school introduced the remedial centers program, I hesitated to participate. Academics weren’t my priority, and studying didn’t particularly appeal to me. Yet, as some of my friends decided to join, I tagged along to spend more time with them. To my surprise, the Arabic remedial lessons proved to be a delightful revelation. The interactive exercises were not only engaging but also made learning enjoyable. Encouraged by my friends, I decided to venture into mathematics, my least favorite subject. Much to my astonishment, I found these classes to be transformative. The teacher’s unique approach differed from our regular classes, and it made all the difference. These classes, which I initially attended without much enthusiasm, significantly improved my performance in mathematics, and my grades in the mock exams came remarkably close to perfection.”