Shiraz Al Amer

Shiraz, a 28-year-old Syrian refugee, embraced her challenges as steppingstones rather than stumbling blocks. Married at 18 and leaving school early, she dedicated herself to family life, but an unfulfilled potential whispered within her. Driven by the desire for her children to be proud, she courageously embarked on a quest to redefine her narrative.
Discovering Digital Citizenship with Borderless, Shiraz enrolled in a digital marketing course, confronting hesitancy and self-doubt. With Yara as her guiding star, the once-shy student blossomed into a confident force of nature. Yara’s mentorship transcended the classroom, impacting Shiraz’s family, marriage, and community.

Completing the course marked a new chapter. Recognizing her teaching prowess, her children’s school offered her a position as the first-grade teacher. Shiraz, now a symbol of empowerment, radiated pride before her students, family, and community. Her transformation resonated not only in her accomplishments but in the reflections of pride in her children’s eyes.