Omar’s Academic Progress – MMKN


Omar Shaaban’s academic path has been atypical, marked by challenges and resilience. Despite difficulties and repeating grade 7, he entered MMKN’s academic program in Grade 8 funded by the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Fund. Engaging in WhatsApp sessions, Omar found vital support from volunteer youth, a stark contrast to his regular classroom experience. Grateful for the assistance, he expressed amazement at the simplicity of explanations compared to his school environment. This exposure sparked Omar’s interest in volunteering.
In a group session, Omar’s father acknowledged the substantial impact, contributing over 50% to his son’s academic progress. The educational program not only reignited Omar’s motivation to study but also inspired him to consider the importance of giving back through volunteering.

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The Awad Triplets – Educational Exploration Through MMKN – MMKN

The Awad Triplets

A remarkable siblings known as the Awad triplets: Zaheera, Ahmad, and Amal are living in Lebanon. Their story was not just about family ties, but also about the unquenchable thirst for education that burned within their young hearts.

The triplets (grade 9) were not only famous in their school and home, but also in the MMKN education program which is an extraordinary initiative that brought about educational transformation in their young lives.

Together, they tackled the educational challenges in Lebanon and completed all MMKN academic support and STEM workshops. It was during these moments that Ahmad’s passion for engineering began to shine. He was the architect of dreams in the family. Zaheera and Amal, on the other hand, found themselves on an educational journey filled with uncertainty but, more importantly, endless possibilities. MMKN’s activities opened doors to multiple subjects, allowing them to explore and consider what career paths they wished to tread.

The kids’ mom was amazed at how much her children grew with the help of the MMKN program and the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund. She was impressed by how these programs gave them opportunities to learn about many different things, like science, math and career advice, and how they got support from a strong and supportive community.

As we learned more about their journey, it became clear that education wasn’t just about learning facts. It was like an exciting journey where they discovered new interests, worked together to chase their dreams, and proved that young people can achieve a lot with the right chances, hard work, and help from their community. The Awad triplets showed that they had limitless potential when given the right opportunities and support.

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Education Support Program – MMKN

About MMKM

MMKN is a grass-roots non-governmental organization that was established in 2010 and is driven by its model: Volunteering + Education = Empowerment. MMKN has consistently delivered a strong impact in many local and refugee communities, with a focus on vulnerable students through its largest program: the MMKN Education Programs targeting all students in the third cycle across Lebanon.


Target: 3800

Reach: 7734

Education Support Program – MMKN

Program Description

The Education Support Program which supported more than 3,000 students is a two-year education program for vulnerable students at public schools in grades 8 and 9 in Lebanon who are at high risk of dropping out due to language barrier to empower them to continue in an educational path through the adopted French/ Arabic manuals and volunteer driven remedial program and the practical and interactive workshops that utilizes (STEM) approach to emphasis relevance of academics learned.

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