Hadaya Hamzah: Unleashing Educational Potential Through Flexible Software – QUESTSCOPE

Hadaya Hamzah

Hadaya Hamzah, an NFE facilitator, sheds light on the transformative impact of flexible software in the realm of teaching. Her perspective underscores the pivotal role that adaptable technology plays in crafting effective lessons and connecting with diverse groups, especially those facing geographical limitations.

In Hadaya’s words, “This flexible software allows the facilitator to design teaching in an easy and effective manner without restrictions, constituting the most important characteristics of interaction from all other software.” The software’s versatility becomes evident in its seamless integration with other specialized learning tools within the LMS, enhancing the overall learning experience and making it more appealing to students.Hadaya emphasizes that the software’s user-friendly nature and the inclusion of educational games contribute to its attractiveness to learners. Moreover, the software serves as a bridge, providing opportunities for groups that face challenges in reaching physical learning centers.

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Tala: Empowering Learning Through Play and Technology in NFE – QUESTSCOPE


Tala’s inspiring journey as a non-formal education (NFE) learner highlights the transformative power of education grounded in activities and play. Her experience not only emphasizes the accessibility of learning materials through technology but also underscores the creation of a secure and interactive space for building friendships. Tala’s story is a testament to the effectiveness of educational technology in cultivating engaging and supportive learning environments.
In Tala’s own words, “The method of education is based on educational activities and play, and for us, it is considered safe and allows us to make friends through the software.” The software’s multifaceted support becomes evident as it facilitates Tala’s communication with facilitators through various means, including conversation and direct video. Additionally, it provides her with a repository of reading materials, enabling her to complete assignments and engage with the educational content seamlessly.
Tala’s positive outlook on education technology highlights its ease of use and its potential for fostering a constructive learning experience. As she progresses through her educational journey, currently in the second cycle and eagerly awaiting graduation, Tala’s story exemplifies how technology can be harnessed to empower learners, making education accessible, engaging, and a steppingstone towards future academic endeavors.

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Non-Formal Education Expansion and Enrichment – Questscope

About Questscope

Questscope is an international non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1988 with the goal of putting the last, first. The mission of Questscope is to partner with vulnerable women, youth, and marginalized communities to foster social development and create pathways for change, growth and development.

To do this, QS focuses on three areas: Trauma Recovery, Empowerment, and Economic Inclusion.

Target: 4431

Reach: 5226

Non-Formal Education Expansion and Enrichment - Questscope

Program Description

Non-Formal Education (NFE) Expansion is a one-year project to introduce online learning management system to increase outreach and to allow more learners access to the NFE program in Jordan. This project targets more than 6,000 of the out of school (OOS) learners, grades 1-10, whereby these OOS learners from refugees and vulnerable communities in Jordan will have the knowledge, skills, and certification needed to enroll in higher education or vocational training.

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