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Lebanon App

Sara, Zeinab, Ali, Mostafa, and Ali are youth trainees who have joined the Mobile Application Development training conducted by DOT Lebanon and supported by the Al Ghurair Fund. After participating in the training, the team was able to build a mobile application called “Show me Lebanon” which encourages tourism and ecotourism in Lebanon by highlighting several attractions in the country. “Show me Lebanon” aims to promote tourism in Lebanon by creating a website that makes it easier for people to find the most beautiful places in Lebanon.

This application offers a vast majority of news about summer and winter activities that tourists can enjoy while visiting Lebanon.
These youths are very proud of their achievement as they are trying to make an impact in their community. The application is currently under development.

Below are photos from the designing phase of the application and of the team working on it.

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The Journey of Team Haqqi – DoIT 1


A team of youth formed by Rana, Khaled, Salah, Basheer, and Bilal participated also in the training and created the application “Haqqi”.

“Haqqi” targets marginalized detainees and fresh graduate lawyers to eliminate inequalities. The main mission is to sustain the rights of arrested individuals by providing them with decent attorneys. The idea of the application was a response to the economic crisis in Lebanon, which left several individuals unable to afford a lawyer, thus becoming vulnerable to an unfair trial with no one to protect their rights and defend them.

Below is a screenshot from the “Haqqi” application and a picture of the team behind it.

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Silent Harmony: Empowering the Hearing-Impaired Through Innovation – DoIT 1


Hiba, a Palestinian student living in Lebanon, has identified the challenges faced by over 466 million people globally with hearing impairments. Motivated to make a meaningful impact, she conceived “No Deafference,” a mobile application designed to facilitate communication for the hearing-impaired community. The app harnesses the power of mobile cameras to capture sign language, seamlessly translating it into spoken language and vice versa. With a deep passion for music, Hiba envisions that the app could also enhance the enjoyment of music for deaf individuals by incorporating vibrations and synchronized lyrics.
Through a Digital and Media Literacy Training Program supported by DOT Lebanon and the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund, Hiba brought her innovative idea to life.

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