“Saddam, a 13-year-old Syrian refugee fled to Jordan with his family at the beginning of the conflict, the situation forced Saddam to drop-out of school to work and support his family. He works alongside his father in a metal workshop. Saddam continued to carry the dream of having an education, “I now go to this UNICEF Makani centre, even though my home is far, the bus brings me here, so that I can learn.” Every day, Saddam and some of the children in his neighbourhood board a UNICEF bus and make the journey to the nearest Makani centre to access learning support, child protection, life skills and other services. “My goal is to succeed and evolve,” he says, recognizing the limitation of being out-of-school. “In the centre, I learn Arabic, English and Math, and activities in the life skills sessions.” Saddam explains that his day begins at 6:00 AM and ends at around 1:00 PM, after which he attends lessons at the Makani centre.​”