Technology Driven Education – Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair  School of Advanced Computing ​​@ LTUC 

The Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair School of Advanced Technology was established in 2019. Through its partnership with Coding Fellows, this pioneering school offers fast paced, career-focused and immersive education known for driving tangible results in a short amount of time. The Program hones the skills required for today’s jobs by providing students with hands-on software development and software engineering experience, so they may positively contribute to companies they join.

Target: 1920

Reach: 2076

Program Description

Few students studying ICT in Jordan are finding jobs due to the mismatch with market needs. 165 students are awarded scholarships in the newly established Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair School of Advanced Computing. The School aims to shape software builders with immersive training to meet industry needs and improve diversity in technology. The curriculum is structured so that new concepts build on ones already learned. With stacked learning, students are introduced to a new topic each day, while adding to their understanding of previous concepts.

This model means students can grasp more topics over a given period of time, reaching mastery of their specialization faster. The school also improves students non-technical skills. The career development curriculum includes dedicated workshops and presentations that teach students skills they need to develop a resume, build a network, succeed in-person interviews with recruiters, and more.