Sadeq’s success story highlights the Fund’s program impact, emphasizing the value of combining technical and soft skills in today’s job market. As a graduate of Luminus’s Automotive Technology program in 2021, Sadeq now works at the Korea Electric Power Corporation in Jordan. He underscores how vocational education not only imparts automotive skills but also equips learners with market-relevant expertise and English proficiency. His blend of technical and soft skills played a crucial role in securing him the position of Assistant Manager. Sadeq highlights the practicality of career readiness and time management courses, essential for his job’s punctuality demands.
In his role, Sadeq inspects various electric and hybrid vehicles, providing detailed reports for mechanics. His journey is a testament to continuous learning, resulting in personal milestones and improving his family’s livelihood. Sadeq’s father, initially skeptical about vocational education, now values its impact on his son’s life and family well-being. Sadeq’s story exemplifies the importance of supporting programs that empower youth with diverse skill sets for success in today’s competitive job market.