Unite Lebanon Youth Project, Lebanon

“Maryam Dabdoub discovered her passion for teaching through one of her previous professors during her undergraduate degree, where she was studying on a scholarship at AUB. After graduation, she faced unemployment for a couple of years. She then applied to ULYP and was one of 67 students who was awarded a higher diploma. Through her education, she was able to realize her own dreams and hopes to inspire the next generation.

“What I’ve learned through the scholarship is to never underestimate or label anyone. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund who gave me the opportunity to pursue my passion and earn a higher teaching diploma at AUB. I would like to one day be able to help other students like me, achieve their ambitions through education and to not only have the key to their future, but to own the key. When I reflect on my younger years, I did not know if I had the financial ability to pursue higher education. Today, I graduated with a higher teaching diploma and already received 3 job offers. I am determined to help refugees in my community reach their potentials”