Unite Lebanon Youth Project, Lebanon

Mounir Al Serawan was awarded a scholarship to study radio and television at the American University of Science and Technology (AUST) in Lebanon. Mounir feels life is too short and wants to take advantage of every minute to learn. He spends his days reading books to help expand his knowledge. When he’s not reading, he participates in trainings in different fields and holds over 20 certificates in leadership, graphic design, photography, journalism, volunteering and more. After finishing his day at AUST, he conducts photography training for Lebanese youth and refugees in his community. He appreciates the curiosity of his students, since photography is an art that requires a degree of inquisitiveness.

“I consider myself ambitious and have no limits to where I hope to be. I like to stand out with my ideas, appearance and connection to the world. The Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund scholarship exposed me to value education and to understand that learning is a continuous journey, not restricted to the walls of a classroom. We as people need to be educated to survive, to be better and to give back to society. For me, learning and breathing go hand in hand because without access to education, I wouldn’t be the person I am proud to be today and be able to give back to society.​”