Nour Al-Din Al-Kurdi

Nour Al-Din Al-Kurdi’s journey, marked by transformation through video editing, unfolds as a testament to the profound impact of skill development. A young Palestinian with a background in history, Nour Al-Din faced the challenges of displacement from Syria in 2015 due to the war. However, he turned adversity into opportunity by enrolling in a video editing course and delving into amateur photography.

Completing the course and securing an internship, Nour Al-Din not only enhanced his personal skills but also discovered a passion for empowering others. Today, he shares his expertise by offering training to university students eager to improve their visual production skills, all from the comfort of their homes. Nour Al-Din’s commitment to empowering others serves as a beacon of resilience and self-discovery, transforming personal challenges into opportunities for both skill development and financial success