Four young individuals, Nour Meselmani, Yasser Shkeir, Imtihal Halalo, and Taha Taha, share a common goal – to find a career path that truly resonates with them. They enrolled in a tech bootcamp to equip themselves with employable skills.
They reside in Lebanon but come from different nationalities including Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria. Despite graduating, all four of them have been unable to secure employment due to the ongoing economic and political turmoil in Lebanon.
Additionally, they pursued majors at university that they did not enjoy, and they are seeking a second chance to start anew. “Finding a job opportunity as a physics graduate was a challenging task for me, and I have always been searching for a career path that truly resonates with me,” said Nour Meselmani.

Yasser and Taha share an unwavering ambition and a vision for a brighter future. In their pursuit of skills that would equip them for whatever might come their way, they enrolled in the tech bootcamp offered by SPARK, which recently launched in Lebanon in partnership with SE Factory under the Skills Training Education Programme (STEP), supported by The Islamic Development Bank and the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation. “It’s more than a bootcamp,” says Taha, “it boosts your skills and knowledge and unleashes your capabilities to be a professional needed in the labor market.”
Yasser started working remotely as a Full Stack Developer with a French company, while Taha began his career as a Junior Full Stack Developer. Yasser adds, “It’s been a long journey filled with lots of code, caffeine, and late nights, but I am so proud to have reached this milestone.”