Manal Abdul Muhaymed

Meet Manal Abdul Muhaymed, a 23-year-old Syrian refugee in Lebanon who turned tough times into a tale of strength and inspiration. Despite facing challenges in education, Manal didn’t give up. She changed her story by getting a degree in Lebanon, even though her Syrian one was rejected after three years of studying in a Lebanese university.
Manal then ventured into interior design, where her creativity found a new home. Her journey took an unexpected turn when she joined the Digital Citizenship program by Borderless supported by the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Fund. Through this digital adventure, she landed an internship in social media, overcoming language barriers and discovering her talent for English. Her ambition grew into a successful blend of interior design and digital marketing, creating a fulfilling livelihood.

From being shy, Manal emerged as a master of platforms like Google Ads, YouTube, email, and LinkedIn. The program not only taught her new skills but also guided her through life’s challenges. Manal’s story is now an anthem of empowerment, proving that challenges can lead to transformation. She encourages others to embrace uncertainty, drawing from her diverse journey – from education to fitness programming, data analysis, to interior design, and digital marketing.
As a pioneer among her peers, Manal dreams of a freelancing future, breaking free from traditional career paths. She actively contributes to the community through voluntary efforts with “Hemmet Shabab” and NGOs, spreading the message of empowerment and the transformative power of chasing dreams beyond borders.