Ibrahim Shlayel

Ibrahim Mohamed Subhi Shlayel’s journey is a testament to the impact of vocational education in shaping promising careers. Enrolled in the air conditioning and refrigeration training course within the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department at LTUC, Ibrahim embarked on a path of practical learning and skill development starting in 2020.
Armed with the skills acquired through his studies and practical training, Ibrahim’s dedication and hard work bore fruit as he secured immediate employment upon graduation. His journey began in the contracting department of Al-Habash and Al-Harbi Company, showcasing the direct applicability of his vocational education to the industry. Ibrahim’s career trajectory continued to ascend as he found employment with resident engineers at Villa Al-Manasir, further expanding his professional experience. Currently, Ibrahim holds the esteemed position of a central air conditioning technician at Engineering Challenges Company, a testament to the depth of expertise he cultivated through his vocational education.