Introducing the extraordinary trio of Nojoud Mouaness, Abeer Kassem, and Ouhood Mouaness, united by a passionate mission to empower children with Down syndrome. Fueled by their individual journeys, these visionaries embarked on a transformative path, acquiring digital media literacy training through DOT Lebanon, generously funded by the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund.
Armed with newfound skills, this dynamic team not only embraced their personal growth but also translated their collective vision into reality. Their commitment materialized in the form of an educational organization, a testament to the profound impact of turning inspiration into action. Through the fusion of personal experiences and acquired expertise, Nojoud, Abeer, and Ouhood stand as living proof that education, coupled with determination, has the power to bring forth positive change and uplift the lives of those they set out to empower.

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