Rahaf Abu Mayaleh

Rahaf Abu Mayaleh, a 21-year-old health skills trainer, identified a lack of innovative, sustainable tools for children’s health education. Joining Startup Roadshow 4, she founded 4HEALTH EDU, an eco-conscious platform offering Arabic health courses for kids.
Abu Mayyaleh highlights the toy industry’s role in tackling climate change, pointing out its heavy use of plastic materials and single-use products that worsen environmental problems. “Given that we work with children,” Rahaf stated, “it’s crucial that what they interact with and absorb today remains with them.” She continued, ‘4Health Edu products under development prioritize sustainable materials, aiming to be resilient and eco-friendly for both children and the environment.
“Young people like us don’t wait for governments to solve climate issues,” Abu Mayyaleh affirmed. “Instead, we actively work towards bringing about the necessary changes.”


Over her four-year journey as a health skills trainer, 21-year-old Rahaf Abu Mayaleh encountered a series of obstacles, chief among them being the lack of innovative tools and games designed to aid children in learning basic health skills. She observed that existing children’s games were not only costly but also crafted from environmentally harmful materials like plastic. Motivated to effect change, Rahaf resolved to become an advocate for climate action and enhancement in the teaching of fundamental skills to children aged 2 to 8.
In Rahaf’s view, every challenge presents an opportunity for a solution, underscoring the vital role of young entrepreneurs committed to safeguarding the environment and shaping a brighter future. “For every challenge, there is a solution, and here lies our responsibility as environmentally conscious young entrepreneurs,” Rahaf explains.
In the latter part of 2022, Rahaf joined Startup Roadshow 4, a collaborative initiative by Jusoor and SPARK under the STEP program, sponsored by the Islamic Development Bank and the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund. Rahaf was among 263 entrepreneurs and 108 innovative ideas showcased during the event. She transformed her concept into a startup named 4HEALTH EDU.