In a collaboration that combined creativity and innovation, Taghreed Dannawi, Omayma Adawiye, Mohammad Moussa, Rania Younes, Mirvat Sayed, Rania Ayoub, and Iman Zahraman united their talents to form a dynamic team known as “Seven Skills”. Their collective passion for excellence led them to partner closely with Omar Salah El Dine, a visionary business owner. Together, they embarked on a transformative journey to elevate his business through strategic branding.
Guided by their meticulous planning and unwavering dedication, the team orchestrated a compelling branding strategy that captured the essence of Omar’s business. Their vision resonated so powerfully that Omar enthusiastically named the project “Nasmet El Qammouaa,” symbolizing the blossoming of his venture under their creative guidance.
The innovation didn’t stop there. Utilizing the dynamic platform of Instagram, “Seven Skills” harnessed the power of visual storytelling. Through engaging reels that showcased their ingenuity and Omar’s business, they captivated audiences far and wide. Their efforts bore fruit as their reels garnered an astounding 106.7k views, a testament to their ability to capture attention and generate genuine interest.


This collaboration between the team and business owner exemplifies the synergy that arises when a diverse group of talented individuals converges with a common purpose. Their success story underscores the potential for innovation and impact when creative minds pool their expertise. “Seven Skills” not only breathed new life into Omar’s business but also showcased the heights that can be reached through strategic collaboration and a shared commitment to excellence.