About Alfanar

Alfanar, the region’s first venture philanthropy organisation, grew its social investments in Lebanon to support the education and employability of both vulnerable refugee and host community members. In this program, Alfanar works with two of its investees and provides them with support, and real-time monitoring support to enable them to scale their impact and enhance productivity.

Target: 160

Reach: 160

Program Description  

SE Factory created a dedicated program for refugees/displaced youth after noticing the high interest among them towards SE’s coding bootcamp. With research and analysis, the program is designed to cater and meet the needs and necessities of refugees seeking to learn tech skills that would enhance their career prospects. Youth enroll in a catered Foundations of Computer Science Course that teaches them coding in Python using foundational concepts via an immensely personalized approach. Afterwards, eligible youth will be selected to join the Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp to further develop their skills and be able to kick start their career. This program aims to support more than 160 marginalized refugees in Lebanon.