Lojain Al-Hteabat

Lojain Al-Hteabat, a resilient Jordanian from AlKarak, embarked on a transformative Micro-works training with DOT Jordan funded by the Abdul Al Aziz Al Ghurair Fund. Her passion for coding and web development flourished during an internship where she crafted a dynamic website for Zaqzouq Muay Thai “Alpha Academy.”
Post-training, Lojain seamlessly transitioned into an ICDL teaching role, but her geographic distance from Amman posed a challenge. Undeterred, she envisions a future where she not only excels in teaching but also thrives as a freelance coder. Her story is a testament to overcoming limitations and transforming challenges into stepping stones toward a future of boundless success. Lojain’s journey inspires us to reach beyond boundaries and embrace the limitless possibilities within our grasp.