Abdul Aziz Kurdieh

Abdul Aziz Kurdieh, a resilient Palestinian refugee residing in Lebanon, found himself at the crossroads of opportunity and determination when he secured a scholarship to pursue his bachelor’s degree at the prestigious American University of Beirut.
The avenue to this life-changing opportunity was paved through the partnership between the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund and ULYP (Unite Lebanon Youth Project), serving as the implementing partner in Lebanon. ULYP tirelessly sought out potential scholars through their outreach programs in secondary schools across the region.
It was amidst one of these outreach sessions that Abdul Aziz first learned of the scholarship opportunity. With unwavering resolve and a thirst for knowledge, he seized the chance and applied, eventually earning acceptance to pursue a degree in Chemistry.

The horizon of possibilities broadened for Abdul Aziz with each passing semester. Fueled by his passion for learning and driven by his aspirations, he excelled in his studies, garnering attention from the academic community at the American University of Beirut.
As Abdul Aziz neared the culmination of his bachelor’s journey, another door swung open before him. This time, it was the esteemed institution itself, offering him a scholarship to pursue a master’s degree.
With the next chapter of his education secured, Abdul Aziz set his sights even higher. His dreams now extended beyond the borders of Lebanon, as he harbored aspirations of contributing to the research field in the Gulf region upon completing his master’s degree.